Vertical Markets


At Integrous, we understand that Healthcare is an ever evolving industry. As new technologies are introduced, providers need a facility that can grow and change with their practice. Our design approach focuses on these ever evolving challenges and opportunities, while simultaneously optimizing your space to accommodate the desired aesthetics and current practice methods.

We have successfully completed a diverse range of building projects for a variety of organizations and locations.


Successful commercial office architecture will not only result in a pleasant working environment, but also a design that optimizes the performance of the space for our clients. Whether the project at hand is a renovation, new construction, or expansion, we have the experience and technology to create a space that will satisfy our clients’ aspirations. This includes an impeccable attention to cost efficiency, as well as the application of the newest concepts in sustainable performance.


The financial services sector and the needs of their physical structures are a changing dynamic. With the emergence of new technologies, financial institutions have a greater demand than ever for finely crafted design that keeps them on the cutting-edge of their exact industry and its changing needs.

At Integrous Architecture, our experience in the leading concepts of the industry allows us to provide a first-class experience to our clients. We not only recognize and embrace the obligation for and implementation of footprint reduction in the classic brick-and-mortar branch locations, but also in the importance of increasing efficiency within the business even beyond the point of interaction with your customers.



A great retail/hospitality space must not only cater to the efficiency of the business itself, but also serve as the brand image for the company to its clientele. The atmosphere and design must properly represent your business so that you can attract the right customers and keep them coming back, all while providing the flow needed to allow the business to run smoothly at its highest capacity.

With our extensive background in these sectors, our team can provide the insight and expertise to create a space that not only functions better, but maximizes profitability for our clients.


Your investment is important, and MultiFamily residential units require a very distinct level of design and execution in order to maximize your investment and the capabilities of the property. At Integrous, we specialize in delivering environmentally responsible solutions that also feature timeless style and that are completed on time and on budget.

Our experience extends from low and mid-rise residential blocks to mixed-use retail/residential buildings.


There is nothing more personal than crafting the design of a single family home. Just as each family is unique, the character and flow of each home we partner in designing will be unique to the owner. Our team of experienced architects knows that this is often a once in a lifetime opportunity, and is proud to partner with you to bring your vision to life and help ensure that your investment is protected for years to come.